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"25 years of personal training, fitness and weight loss experience"

” Voted Menlo Parks Best Personal Trainer!” Yelp rated 5 star.



Our expert state of the art,  personal fitness training approach allows you to increase your vitality, energy,  and strength.

Men and women of all fitness levels and ages, from the novice to the athlete, youth to senior are welcome and encouraged.

We offer a wide selection of fitness packages from which to choose from, with over 25 years of experience with full range of fitness services.



“I like it that Andre seems is as interested in working with Seniors as he is with working with those young, prime condition athletes. Great attention to detail. I hate exercising but time with Andre seems to fly by. He’s very professional, great attention to detail. Try it, you’ll like it”.

Naomi R.CEO




WellfitAJ Personal Training  provides for you:

  • Knowledge, and sensitivity to your individual needs
  • Evaluation of your medical history review of your lifestyle
  • Understanding of your attitude toward fitness
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Current fitness measurements
  • Definition of your long and short term goals
  • 100% money back satisfaction  guarantee 
  • Free first session
  • 10% senior discount 
  • 25 years of experience in personal training
  • Personal training training.Train with me to be the best. New program!



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