WellfitAJ Personal Training Fitness Coaching

 With more than 30 years experience , WellFitAJ Personal Training has been helping people get in their best shape and health. 



 We focused on your health and fitness goals, the  latest technology,  specific real results, and fun!

Our  personal training approach allows you to increase your vitality, health, fitness, energy, and strength.

WellFitAJ.com works with men and women of all fitness levels from the novice to the professional athlete, youth to senior.

We offer a selection of fitness packages from which to choose from.

With over 30 years of  health and fitness experience, a full range of personal training services, we are the best personal training facility in Silicon Valley.

Our goal is to provide you with:

  • Knowledge, and sensitivity to your individual needs, youth to senior 
  • Evaluation of your medical history review of your lifestyle
  • Understanding of your attitude toward fitness and food
  • Nutritional assessment and meal planning
  • Current body measurements 
  • Definition of your  personal long and short term weight loss and fitness goals
  • Body fat to muscle  ratio evaluation
  • Free first session with no obligation 

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